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Do you have a website? Enroll in our Free WHOIS API program and get up to 500,000 Free WHOIS API credits (worth $1250) every month by simply placing our backlink in your website. You can use the free API credits for all our APIs (Current WHOIS API, Bulk WHOIS API, WHOIS History API, Reverse WHOIS API and Fuzzy Domains API).

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The amount of free API credits you earn will depend on the Domain Authority of your website.
You may check your site's latest Domain Authority score through Moz Domain Authority Checker.

Domain Authority Free API Credits Worth
Site's domain authority is betweenBetween 1 and 20 5,000/month $25/mo
Site's domain authority is betweenBetween 21 and 40 25,000/month $100/mo
Site's domain authority is betweenBetween 41 and 60 100,000/month $350/mo
Site's domain authority is betweenBetween 61 and 80 250,000/month $750/mo
Site's domain authority is betweenBetween 81 and 100 500,000/month $1250/mo

- Free API Credits will be added to your account every month, as long as our backlink stays on your website.
- All the API credits that you earn through this program have lifetime validity, and you may use it whenever you wish.

Terms and Conditions to enroll in our Free WHOIS API program:

1. We do not accept brand-new websites, or sites having zero Domain Authority score.
2. Your site must not be blank. It must contain content related to the nature of your business.
3. We do not accept adult (porn), gambling, classified sites, link farms or any other irrelevant sites.
4. Our backlink must be added to the homepage of your website exactly as provided at top of this page.
5. The backlink can be at your site's footer, but must be clearly visible and not hidden using any styles (CSS).
6. Once you have enrolled into this program, you must not remove the backlink without contacting us for cancellation.
7. If the backlink is removed without prior intimation, your account can be suspended and API credits deducted with penalty.

If you agree to above terms, please add the following html codes exactly as shown below in your site's home page.

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Then submit the below form to enroll into to our Free WHOIS API program.

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