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Download the WHOIS database of active .DE domain names that are currently registered for just $750.

BigDomainData is made up of two primary WHOIS databases (Current WHOIS Database and Historical WHOIS Database). Our Current WHOIS Database contains the latest WHOIS record of active domain names (over 265 Million), that are currently registered. While the Historical WHOIS Database contains WHOIS history (over 1.63 Billion records) of every domain name (over 560 Million) that were ever registered on the Internet. Historical database contains WHOIS of current as well as expired and deleted domain names.

Detailed statistics (Updated: 15 July 2024) of our .DE Current WHOIS Database is listed below.

.DE Current WHOIS Database Total Purchase
Total Unique Domain Names in .DE Current WHOIS Database 3,362,995


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Total WHOIS records in .DE Current WHOIS Database 3,362,995

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